Proper Bet Sizing Influences And Manipulates Poker Table Actions

June 14, 2018 By Cecil Bevis

Proper Bet Sizing Influences And Manipulates Poker Table Actions

The difference between skilled and novice poker player is recognizing how to use proper bet sizes to sway and control poker table actions. Improper bet sizing is a tell-tale sign of player’s inexperience. New players bet too much or too little.

Bet size before the flop

Raise three times, the big blind plus a single big blind for each flop in the pot. Raising three times big blind makes sure that the pitch does not grow very large, if it folds on you. New players make an error of raising same amount not considering if other players have entered the pot or not. It is easy to play against few opponents but you must avoid increasing bet size, when limpers are aboard on board. It means you are efficiently inciting heap of trouble post-flop.

Too much betting

Raising 5 times or 6 times blind size on entering a hand, where standard raise is three time then surely everyone may fold. You get a chance to pick the blinds but if your aim was to increase your earnings with solid start hands then you failed to improper bet size. Play on situs poker online terpopuler wisely.

Adjust bets

Bet size needs to be based on opponents tendencies perceived, at the table as well as other situational aspects. Be flexible, when you find that standard 3X betting formula is not sufficient to achieve your goal. Play differently like if you feel the game needs 4 or 6 times big blind for consistent flop bet to reach your goals then do it.

Bet size after the flop

After flop improper bet sizing also occurs. Bet size will depend on the game scenario but a general rule is to wager between half and full pot size. This gives draws inappropriate odds to call, at times get good hands to fold, or get bad hands to call.

While betting on the turn, you have variety of options but decide to bet on the basis of pot size. So on turn the bet size will be more than flop.

Give draw incorrect odds

In post-flop situations, you will often play against opponent with drawing hands. Below are some bet amounts related to the pot & odds offered.

If you bet –

  • 1/4th of pot – 5-to-1 odds
  • ½ of pot – 3-to-1 odds
  • 3/4th of pot – 2.33-to-1 odds
  • Full pot – 2-to-1 odds

Ideally, you need to wager an amount that increases your possible winnings and decreases your potential losses. It is generally good to bet more instead of less but never fall in the snare of over betting to defend a hand.

Bear in mind that each game and situation varies, so be cautious and flexible in your thoughts about great results.