Perfect Gaming With Perfect Options

October 30, 2018 By Cecil Bevis

Perfect Gaming With Perfect Options

More recently, the two manufacturers have put on the market two new portable consoles, entering a new generation. The online gaming 3DS (2010 in Japan, 2011 in Europe and North America) allows players to enjoy the 3D technology without wearing special glasses, while the Sony Pietà (late 2011 in Japan, early 2012 in Europe and North America) is intended as a particularly powerful portable console, with innovative features (touchpad on the back of the console used by some games).

The Best Growth

Online gaming has just released its new home console, the Wii, which innovates by offering a tablet as a controller. The latter has a touch screen that is used to display either some menus for the game or the game itself, and allow several types of interaction with the console. Greater gaming opportunities are there from Run 3 unblocked now.

  • In parallel, the rumors about a new Xbox and a fourth generation of PlayStation are increasingly persistent, some would like these two consoles are presented to the public this year, at the E3 2013, the largest exhibition dedicated to games worldwide video.
  • That concludes the history of video games. I failed to mention some consoles that did not really make history (Philips CDI, Pip! N, Virtual Boy, etc.)To get to the point (except the first prototypes and the Pietà out there a few months ago, each console presented has sold at least 10 million copies worldwide): the video game is constantly evolving and is aimed at an increasingly large audience. All consoles of the current generation, with the exception of the online gaming 3DS and Pietà who are too young, have found more than 60 million takers around the world. Moreover, in the top 10 most sold consoles around the world, only 3 are really old (PlayStation, NES and Gameboy). We could include the PlayStation 2 to this small group,

Why did I decide to talk about the history of video games? First, I wanted to show growth in console sales. The combined sales of systems released after 2004 (current generation, the 7th according to specialists) are more or less 465 million copies sold. The previous generation (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, Dream Cast, and Gameboy Advance) totals 290 million copies.

The Point of Interest

Then, it seems to me that it is interesting to have a minimum of knowledge and information on a subject before debating it. It seemed to me necessary to write this history, especially in view of studying the video game industry further on this issue.

Finally, history forges our identity as a human. This logic can adapt to video games: the current consoles might not be what they are if the Atari 2600, the NES and the Master System had not existed. The video game has constantly evolved: the consoles became more powerful, the more elaborate controllers, we went from cartridges to dematerialized games (to download), not to mention the CD / DVD / Blu-Ray support. Remembering where the consoles we are playing today seemed to me so important.